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Mobile phone and gadget insurance is the cost effective way to protect your beloved gadgets. With great value protection for laptops, tablets, phones and more, you'll be able to rest easy as we protect your device from the worst eventualities.

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Now you can cover up to five phones or gadgets on one policy, meaning that you can protect your devices in one easy to manage low monthly payment. Ideal for families who love their gizmos.

It's easy for gadgets to proliferate. If you've got a smartphone, laptop and tablet then that's three to start with. Add a sat nav and a digital camera or video recorder and you're up to five pretty easily. Now you can save with our 3 for 2 offer! Simply insure any two phones or gadgets and we'll insure a third for free.

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What is covered under our policies?

Mobile phone insurance is a great way to protect your favourite gadgets and mobile phones. But what do our policies cover

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What is the IMEI number and how do I find it?

A 15 digit code unique to every mobile phone. You'll need the code to take out insurance, we take a look at the easiest ways to find it.
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Music download loss hits Britons

At 79p for a song and many people with well over 1000 songs, Britons are loosing millions through lost downloads.
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Why do you need mobile phone or gadget insurance?

Your mobile phone and other gadgets might be covered by house contents insurance or by a policy from your phone provider. Why would you need a separate policy?
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